Tuesday, July 13, 2021

No, you don't get to lie and inflate...


                I was going to just let things slide, but as Mr. Pardoe has now taken this escapade into a gleeful search for publicity and is playing the victim card when it’s not warranted, I’ve decided to set a few things straight. I do this because a lot of the story you all got told, he got wrong. I don’t know if he just made mistakes, or if he’s lying to try to inflate the support he gets as a “victim” of an “attack.” I cannot say many things because of a protective order that he now has against me, but I can still share a lot of the truth, since he seems so invested in sharing the truth. I’ll start with the protective order itself.

               Mr. Pardoe filed for a temporary protective order based on several communications which were not threats. Mr. Pardoe also sent me a cease-and-desist letter threatening legal action for “defaming” him. At this point in time, I retained a lawyer and through that lawyer we entered into a preliminary agreement whereby I would grant Mr. Pardoe the protective order (as I don’t want to speak to him directly, don’t want to see him, and indeed don’t actually know where he lives) in exchange for him dropping his outlandish legal claims of defamation. After we entered into the first part of this agreement, the granting of the protective order, he backed out and began publicly spreading the fantastical tale that he now has on his blog. In short, he reneged on his word, and I’m stuck with a protective order because of it. Now, let’s get down to the content of his grand exposition.

               Let’s start with the big one: no threat was ever communicated to Mr. Pardoe. He claims to be in fear for his life, but he had to actually hunt for material that even comes close to the definition of threatening. The closest thing he has is a statement made that I wished to shoot him. I wish for a lot of things, they don’t constitute threats. The statement was made, for one, while I was inebriated, and secondly, was not even made to Mr. Pardoe himself. The statement was actually made to a Mr. Craig Reed, who surreptitiously passed the communication on to Mr. Pardoe in a vile breach of confidence. The comment was never intended for Mr. Pardoe’s ears, and as such, was not meant to instill fear in him. At no time did I intend to instill fear in Mr. Pardoe or his family.

               The second closest thing to a “threat” that Mr. Pardoe claims is a video. I linked this video to Mr. Pardoe in the comments of his blog. The video is not a threat, it is an anti-Trump music video that contains some disturbing images. That’s all. A link posted on his blog comments, which he never even allowed to be published. If viewing videos with somewhat violent imagery caused him to fear for his life, I can hardly be faulted for this.

               Those are the closest things he even gets to an actual threat. There were no threats made. He was never threatened in any way. He may have hid in fear, but that is not my problem, nor was it ever my intent.

               Second, he claims that this was part of a campaign to “cancel” him. He makes claims that I tried to have podcasters remove their shows with him. These claims are false, and he has no evidence. None of the podcasters that I contacted and spoke to in regards to Mr. Pardoe can provide any evidence that I asked them to take down his appearances on their shows, as I never communicated a desire for them to do so. Where he got this idea, I have no idea. He is either mistaken or lying. He claims that I tried to get CGL to stop publishing him. This is false. I communicated several times with members of the CGL staff regarding Mr. Pardoe’s egregious political views, but at no time did I try to get any of his publications cancelled. There is no evidence to the contrary. My communications were to inquire as to if there were any way to support Battletech while minimizing any support for Mr. Pardoe and his offensive belief system.

               Third: He claims this insane volume of threatening material that made him cower in fear. I don’t know where he is getting this, as there was very little volume directed at him personally. There were perhaps a dozen comments on his blog over the course of 6 or more months, which he, as the blog administrator, chose not to publish. There were a grand total of maybe 2 or 3 e-mails sent to his publicly listed contact e-mail attempting to reach out an olive branch, which were ignored. The only volume of anti-Pardoe material was either public via Twitter, or directed at third parties, who dutifully reported these things to him as his supplicants. That's it. That's the entirety of this "huge" conspiracy against him.

               Fourth: He brings the identity of someone, “J” into the picture, and gets most of the facts wrong. I have some insight into J and his position, as well as his permission to set things straight here at this time. J is in fact a person with thoughts and feelings just like you or I, but Mr. Pardoe gets most of his details wrong. I do not know if this is the result of shoddy work on the part of the police, who he claims to be working with, of private investigators that he may have hired (and think about that, the man was so sensitive about criticism that he seems to have hired investigators to snoop into the lives of his detractors) or of slipshod research on his own part. So let’s get the facts straight. J does, in fact have a criminal record for "Terroristic Threats" in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. What is not shown in this, is that the plea agreement into which J entered was for a covid-related mental health episode where J, having lost his job, made statements of suicidal ideation in a performative manner in order to show the people he felt responsible for his plight the depth of his despair. J has sought and received treatment, and is currently a happy and productive member of society. Mr. Pardoe also claims that J “lives in his grandfather’s house”. Both of J’s grandfathers are deceased many years ago, one lying buried in the United Kingdom, and the other buried on the eastern shore of Maryland, nowhere near where J resides.

               I hope this gives you all a little better insight into the facts of things, and that you adjust your view of Mr. Pardoe and his outrageous attempts to play the victim. Do not fall for the lies of his victimhood. Any fear for his life was a result of his own paranoia, not any threats or actions by me or any other person. He will try to milk this for all it’s worth. 


  1. So you *are* a dude? Or was that a lie by BLP, too? Also, why did you leave all the BT groups on FB?

    1. I have deactivated my Facebook for legal and privacy concerns, that's why I am no longer in any FB groups. "J" is a "dude", Faith is Faith.

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    1. Yeah, ok? As in things are ok with you? Or Yeah, ok, you are a Blaine supplicant. I can't tell from just that comment.

  3. Fuck, that's pretty goddamn horrible. Thank you for putting this up.